Covid19 or The Future Compass

Compass, an instrument used for navigation. Covid19, the situation the whole world is in. What is the Compass navigating us towards? Are we taking control of the situation at the individual level or sitting near the window, watching the storm pass by. No matter what we do, we all are collectively impacted. The world we lived in, is undergoing a constant change and the world we will enter, post the pandemic will be different from what we imagine it to be.

We may live along with the Covid19 virus for a while, may be. Despite of all the important thing to ask ourselves is, Are we navigating ourselves to create a better world?
The entire Humanity is pitted against this virus and there is not just loss of health, wealth and well-being there is a question on our existence altogether. Life at loss is gargantuan. Not that we will be wiped off but these signals of magnum number of deaths are navigating us somewhere, are we holding our compass tight?

The war this time is not across the borders, it is with something that is not visible to the naked eye. Not any more about the Line of Control but about How one brings Life under control.
Like for many it is difficult to foresee what life has in store for us Post the Pandemic. Suffering is already there, there could be more suffering coming in. The point is how are we ready to encounter this suffering?

Suffering can either embitter us or ennoble us. What we do with your compass will help us decide if we want to get ennobled or get embittered. If we are open to suffering we are open to evolve into the greatness because we chose to leverage the circumstances to heal, purify and uplift ourselves. This is the virtue each of us must aspire to, to become world-changers and heroes for the benefit of a better society. Leadership is for everyone. Each of us, no matter where we live, what we do, what’s happened to us in the past and what we’re experiencing right now, must release the shackles of blame, chains of hate, leg irons of apathy and prison bars of ordinary that keep us in slavery to the dark. Strength in the face of difficulties is what will make us shine in the times of dark. Lockdown is an opportunity to bring our development in place. All this while, we have been complaining of not having time to pursue what we want to. Lockdown is that time to pursue; of course it has limitations but if you are a leader, you know you can overcome these limitations or find solutions to these limitations, else they are mere excuses.

As a fully alive human, it should be in us to make people feel better about themselves. And to make others smile. How little it takes to make someone happy? And always be more interested in other people than being concerned with coming off as in interesting person.

Our world has never been so in need of pure heroes as it is today. Be a Hero and craft out your lockdown time for a new and better world.
Any chance you get, show people love. William Penn’s famous quote. “I expect to pass through life but once. If, therefore, there can be any kindness I can show, or any good thing that I can do to any fellow-being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.”
Winter is Coming. Are we prepared?

Today, you get to accept this grand call to raise the standard by which you live out the remainder of your life. Hence, hold your compass tight. For covid19 is just a passing phase but you are not.
It the compass of your mind that will decide how you navigate through the coming years. Keep it good.