Virtual Events

Every cloud has a silver lining, Companies around the globe are constantly creating new ways for us to interact with and experience our world. Following our Core Values at Grasshopper Events, innovation is the key thing to keep ourselves paced with the changing world. Most particularly right now, we are globally grateful for the medical technologies that have found the way to tame the pandemic.

The way people use to work is not the same, and neither is the way same, for events anymore. With the change in tide, comes our virtual events offerings from employee engagement to brand launches and getting celebrities right on your screen to either entertain you or inspire you or simply making your special days more special.

With Grasshopper Events, employee engagement works but your employees won’t feel like work. That’s our commitment.

Check out our Virtual Employee Engagement concept Showreel here

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Grasshopper Events Virtual

Here are some of the best handpicked activities you can engage your Employees with!!!
Wingo-Strategic Bingo
Escape Room2
Virtual Treasure Hunt - Scavenger Hunt
With us, its simple, fun, personal and engaging for everyone.

Virtual Event Offerings

  • Employee Engagement Activities
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Virtual Event Studio Productions & Broadcasting
  • Virtual Celebrity Offerings
    • Concerts
    • Live Comedy
    • Personal Interactions

Other Current Offerings

  • Corporate Yoga – Employee Wellness Program
  • Yoga Retreats
  • Sunday Events
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Engage and inspire all your employees, no matter where they are, align everyone with your
company culture and goals while they work from home or any remote location.
We will help you root them for you.