India rises to Work From Home culture; thanks to Covid19. Irrespective of you work from home or office, the important question here is Do you work from your HEART?

Many of us are living the lives to sustain the lifestyles we got trapped into, feeding our status quo on the fake social media accounts that have emptied us more than money would do. More the Show-off, the hollow we become. From flaunting brands to flaunting meals and these statistics makes you an influencer. What kind of an influencer do YOU want to be? The one who works on the fake statistics or the one who works on their very own real statistics, raising the bar of being kind, compassionate, and sensitive to the people around than holding that hoopla around your soul.

Work is one such hoopla we’ve created; making careers our life discounting various other factors life is made of, forgetting that this work may leave us even before the life does.
Giving nature a complete miss, so much that the world became insensitive about it. And now Nature is claiming, resetting itself by the virtue of karma probably.

So work is not our life, it is JUST a part of our life, as while our work is encountering a halt, our life isn’t. Work-Life balance, what we misconstrued this as to, just managing hours but failed to understand the philosophy behind it. And you think working from Heart yield better results? So far it did, but work is just a part of your life, not THE Life.

Working from heart yield better results; probably it does. You may think who I am to speak on this, well am just another common man who works, from the Heart, doing what I loved the most. I studied engineering, not by choice, worked at an IT firm to survive, until I pursued my entrepreneurial ambitions following my passion for conducting events. Started Event Management agency and after a decade started a travel agency by the same name, following my heart had a third website too on entertainment as I’ve my heart in all the three places, events, travel, and films. Covid19 hit and broke all the three hearts for the time being. My love for the three hearts continues to pump. What Covid19 couldn’t do, is to break me as a person, my spirit of life continues planning a better tomorrow. It truly reflected that work is just a means to make your life a little better, it is a barter we do to survive our daily needs and we just get greedy with MORE, that MORE has created a problem.

Covid19 has made us realize that life is truly LESS if you want to live it fully. Ambitions are good, but it should not make us rigid, they should elevate our higher self to encounter these situations victoriously and gracefully. Nothing fails until you make it fail and nothing succeeds until you make it a success. Quest for the new and better world is now, while the world at large is changing, it is time to ring in those small changes to look around with a fresh perspective. Making Work-Life Balance for just not the self but for the globe, to balance out the poverty, meeting the parity of contributing to the hunger of the poor than meeting the hunger quest at the restaurant nearby. We can’t travel the world right now, but there is no limit towards our inner journey, into the world where our mind resides, and to find out our answers to those questions we have been discounting citing time issues.

work from heart
We all may not have the same paycheck, but we all can create the universal instinct making the new Work-Life Balance work, this time from heart.